Why I chose Young Living

Why choose Young Living when there are other options out there? Here are my thoughts on this:

Young living is known to so many as the OG of the essential oils. They have a seed to seal promise, and all their oils go through precise quality control making sure all of their products meet specific guidelines. As the leader of the essential oils movement, Young Living is paving the way for every other essential oil company to improve processes that protect our planet and ensure the highest quality standards

Here are some more fun facts about Young Living:

  • YL has been harvesting and distilling oils for over 20 years, and they own their own farms and distilleries across the globe.
  • YL farms haven’t been touched by chemicals, in fact, they control pests with essential oils.
  • Research goes into each plot of land they buy, to see the history of what’s been used on the earth there. This means they’re making sure they’re buying land to grow their plants that haven’t had pesticides or chemicals on in before.
  • YL guarantees their distillation process from “seed to seal” to guarantee that every drop of oil is beyond organic
  • They will never knowingly compromise by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers, or by using unethical production practices.
  • They source products from carefully vetted corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers and test them extensively. If their exhaustive tests show that a product doesn’t meet their standards, they don’t buy it, or they reject the batch.

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